Bridge Tournaments

As you may have noticed, we have added Tournaments to Bridge. These are played in a similar fashion to duplicate Bridge, you play the same cards as other players in your tournament. 

Below is a screen shot of a list of tournaments and results delivered for some tournaments.

It differs from duplicate Bridge that you may play at your local club in a couple of ways, the most relevant is that players do not have to play the same tournaments at exactly the same time.  Players play at their own speed so some players may complete the tournament and move onto playing a different tournament or simply stop before you complete.

That does not matter as the result of the tournament will be delivered once the tournament is complete.

At the top of the screen to the left are a player icon and name.

Tap the player icon to display the list of player icons enabling you to choose between the alternatives available.

Bridge will ask your device to provide the name you use on your device when playing games via e.g. Google Play, Apple Game Centre, or Huawei AppGallery.

If it cannot obtain the name you normally use on your device it will generate one for you. In this case you can choose to change the name in the same view as choosing the player icon.

The centre of the screen displays the current list of tournaments you can enter. The Ticketz icon to the left show the entrance ‘fee’ the small Ticketz icon towards the right shows the winnings on offer for each tournament.

Your current unclaimed winnings are show top right, in this screen shot its 92 Ticketz. Tap on the icon to transfer the outstanding winnings to your total Ticketz, as shown bottom left.

The results of the tournaments you have chosen to play in are displayed when you select the ‘Results’ button at the bottom of the tournaments list view.

The results are displayed in completion time order from top to bottom. As the list fills up results will simply be dropped from the bottom of the list.

If players choose to abandon playing a tournament they will forfeit their entry. The scores for those players will be shown as ‘—‘ for example ‘EbonyWittyWolf’ in the top tournament chose to abandon playing.

Most tournaments are between a fixed number of players. Once that number of players have played the tournament a result is available. If Bridge is still connected to the tournament server the result will be delivered more or less immediately it becomes available.  If not Bridge will attempt to fetch results when it next connects to the tournament server.

In timed tournaments the results will be available approximately 1 hour after the end of a tournament. This allows players upto 1 hr to complete playing.

A maximum of 30 players will complete in the exact same timed tournament limiting the numbers competing in each tournament. If more than 30 players attempt to play the same timed tournament they will be entered into a separate tournament to the first 30 players.